History of the College

“ The Logo of our college is designed with the Photo of P.D.RAJAN at the centre who is the spirit behind this Institution. The outer circle of his Photo carries the name of our institution ‘‘P.D.R.Vellachiammal College of Education’’. The bottom of the Logo reflects the three cardinal Principles of CHARACTER, KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP. ”.

“ The Management believes that CHARACTER is the most essential requirement of a good teacher. The KNOWLEDGE acquired by him combined with CHARACTER will enable him to become a perfect teacher with LEADERSHIP quality. Such a teacher will be able to mould the young minds to become true citizens of our country and to make it glorious and strong. A teacher trained with these qualities will be a true asset to our country. ”

“ P.D.R Vellachiammal College of Education, Sekkampatti, established and run by Madras Education and Research Integrated Trust, is a product of the pioneering vision of the Chairman. The governing body takes care of all the major decisions of the college, whereas a College Council monitors the academic affairs related to the functioning of the college. The administrative section of the college takes care of various requirements of the college, under the guidance of the head of the Institution. The faculty of this college has got a very good rapport with the community by conducting meetings for exchanging their views and this is found a useful measure to carry on the academic activities very smoothly.The Institutions are recognized by NCTE (SRC) P.D.R.VellachiammalCollege of Education is affiliated to the TamilNadu Teachers Education University, Chennai.“

  As per the motto of our Trust “Character – Leadership - Knowledge”our Trust, apart from maintaining quality of education and discipline among students, has effected overall development of all student-teachers who are from various social and economic strata, so as to fit in to an advancing, technology-oriented world, as economically independent and useful citizens. The College has very clear Aim, Vision and Mission for its academic mobility. “

  Institute aims to encourage and fulfill the need of student by providing latest educational facilities for qualitative education and inculcate moral and ethical values, promotion of creative spirit and innovation of excellence.“

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